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We help you implement genetic services and manage genomic data in a rigorous, safe and client-oriented way

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We provide consulting services in clinical genomics and pharmacogenetics

  • We counsel health institutions and centers in any aspect of clinical genetics.
  • We design customized solutions for genomic information management for health and insurance companies.
  • We help implement and interpret drug-response genetic profiles.
  • We provide expertise in the fields of genetics, genomics, bioinformatics and statistical genetics to research centers.
  • We advise in the design, developement and marketing of services and applications integrating
    genomic information.

Our customers are

  • Insurance companies that oursource the management and interpretation of genetic tests.
  • Hospitals and health centers that want to include genetic counseling or personalized medicine
    in their services portfolio, or need expert assistance for managing patient genomic information in an efficient and compliant way.
  • Research groups that need genomic information management tools or want to outsource genomics, bioinformatics or statistical genetics services.
  • Manufacturers interested in the development of novel applications for arrays or sequencing platforms.
  • Pharmaceutical companies that want to analyze gene panels or exomes within clinical trials.
  • Software developers seeking to integrate genomic information in their applications.

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