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We assist you in the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of health problems that matter to you and your family with an expert, innovative and personalized service

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Diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of diseases through genetics

  • We manage the genomic test most adequate to your needs, interpret the results and provide counseling for optimal treatment selection and prevention of the problems that may affect you or your family, today or in the future.
  • We use telemedicine to provide a better service, complement of on site consultation. This service is delivered to you through a secure private area that you can access any time.
  • We provide our service to you in close coordination with your local, referring physician.

Our customers

  • Are people who want to confirm or rule out the genetic component of a disorder affecting them
    or their families.
  • Want to know the risko for them or their relatives to suffer from a disease running in the family.
  • Are couples and families who want to prevent or reduce the impact of a genetic trait in their lives.
  • Are patients who want to have their prescribed medication customized according to their genetic profile.

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